We are a few weeks away from the most divisive presidential election in recent American history.It seems that from a political perspective the only things most Americans can agree on is they want a do over.It is hard to believe that these two candidates are the best American has to offer.

That leads me to the realization that we are not likely to see any improvement from the political perspective.Half of the electorate will be happy and the other half will be bitterly disappointed.I don’t see either candidate having the skills to unify the country.

On a recent drive into Atlanta I saw a billboard with an obnoxious picture of Hillary and Trump.The billboard asked, “Are you moving to Canada?If so, let me help you sell your house!”This captures the spirit of the American entrepreneur.While we would all like a more favorable political environment in Washington, we will not (cannot) wait until this happens.We will make lemonade out of the lemons in Washington DC.

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Kirk Hancock